When is a fit to fly certificate for COVID-19 needed and how do I obtain one?

On a general basis a fit to fly letter is a medical certificate written by a doctor that confirms your fitness to fly. It is a way to verify if you can travel safely by having a doctor reviewing your symptoms, medical history, and medical examination if necessary. Due to COVID-19, some countries now require a fit to fly certificate when traveling internationally, so here are some things you should know about fit to flight certificates and how to obtain them.ย 

When is a fit to flight certificate necessary?

Not all countries require a fit to flight certificate. A certificate is only necessary when traveling to certain countries, you can check the individual countryโ€™s restrictions and requirements here. Your certificate needs to be obtained close to the actual travel date as older certificates might be rejected. Some airlines and countries may specify how recent your certificate needs to be for it to get approved, check the website of your specific airline to see their requirements. .ย 

How do I obtain a fit to flight certificate?

You can obtain a fit to flight certificate at your GPs office although the actual COVID-19 testing might not actually be done. If you get the certificate it will show that you have a low risk of spreading the virus to other people in the country that you are traveling to and are therefore fit to travel. At the moment the NHS is not issuing COVID-19 testing for the purpose of international travel, you either need to contact your GP for an examination or find pre-travel covid tests in the private sector. If you choose to get your certificate through the private sector, keep in mind that the testing process and accuracy of the test may vary, discuss these issues with the provider before you decide.ย