Making COVID-19 testing accessible and affordable for everyone

Thank you to all who helped to make this mission a reality. Through the course of the pandemic we tested more than 1 million people, and are happy that the day has come to wind down the testing service. Huge thanks to all who helped and especially those that worked for free, on pro-bono or at a reduced rate to do their bit.

Testing For All: Our Mission

The challenge that COVID-19 poses for communities and businesses across the country is immense. We believe that the only safe pathway out of the crisis is through large scale, affordable testing. We’re proudly not-for-profit. We’re here to support and complement the government’s existing capability to provide tests in order to help kickstart the UK economy.

Testing For All: Our Team

Meet the team aiming to bring accessible and affordable testing to the UK.

Testing For All is an organisation born in lockdown and most of us have never met face to face. We are a diverse team of individuals from different backgrounds, fields and locations, united by a shared determination to achieve the goal of bringing affordable and accessible testing to the UK.

James Monico

Engineer by training, and scientist by education, James has successfully founded technology company Cloudreach that scaled to operate in 9 countries with over 500 staff. James has a long term interest in genomics and diagnostic testing.

Kelly Klifa

An Entrepreneur and Strategy professional with experience working on scalable engagements with EY, Sainsburys Group Strategy and Advention Business Partners. Kelly has advised large medical diagnostic players in new test launches in the UK.

David Carville
Finance Director

David is an experienced CFO/FD with over 20 years of finance and international business leadership expertise. He has held senior roles in the transport, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and technology sectors. David is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Dr Renée Hoenderkamp
Medical advisor

Renée is a GP, medical writer for National Press and GP Media, and resident GP for BBC Radio London. She spent 20 years in National Press publishing before qualifying as a doctor with two distinctions in 2010.

Charlotte Poynton
Communications and Operations

Charlotte brings operations, communications and change management experience from both the start-up and enterprise worlds. She has worked across the technology, non-profit, education and energy sectors.

Estelle Roux-Stevens
People Operations

Estelle has 20+ years of HR experience, predominantly in FinTech, IT, and Banking. She has transformed small teams into high-performing, world class talent acquisition and people operations teams through her love of mentoring and creative leadership.

Luka Matovic
Head of Engineering

Luka has been working in software engineering since 2011. Recently, he has headed projects and designed scalable architecture in Buyerdeck and Europos. These experiences led him to fall in love with programming even more and go full-stack.

Dan Allen
Customer Support Lead

Dan has over 10 years experience in managing Customer Service teams from small companies to multinational ecommerce giants. He has successfully grown teams at pace which provide both a great experience to the team, but most importantly to the customer by putting them at the centre of everything.

Our Alumni

Many people have "leant in" to help get Testing For All up and running in a very short amount of time, and our staff alumni are some of our most revered. Many Testing For All staff either joined as volunteers or at reduced salary to their normal pay.

Jessica Lodge
Web Developer

After working in Product Management for several years Jess moved to software engineering to combine the two skills. Jess has a frontend focus but enjoys working across the stack and has developed web applications for major high-street retailers, media corporations, health e-commerce start ups and Google’s brand team.

Jack Bolles
Interim CTO

Jack takes technical leadership roles in organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to established, FTSE 50 companies. Jack enabled Testing For All to build a state of the art tech platform, with deep automated testing that enables us to release several times a day, every day.

Darren West
Product Lead

Darren has spent many years crafting customer experiences with global brands and start-ups. He volunteers with organisations focusing on education, is an early adopter of technology, and has been involved with the internet since 1995.

Darren Hobbs
Back-end Developer

A software engineer with over 20 years experience, Darren has developed systems in a wide variety of domains. Among others, Darren has written software for major high-street banks, insurance companies, warehouse automation, e-commerce and early stage startups.

Alka Sharma
Finance Director

Alka is an experienced COO / CFO with 20 years in the Financial Services sector. Alka has worked at successful start-ups and established asset-management firms providing finance and business leadership. Alka is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Sophie Williams-Dunning
Marketing & PR

Sophie is currently a student of History and French at the University of Cambridge and she has had experience in journalism in the past. She has brought her passion for all forms of writing to her role as marketing and PR intern with Testing For All.

Vanessa Fagan
Customer Support

Vanessa has 20+ years professional and academic background in theatre, film and & the wider leisure industries as well as project management experience across a range of sectors, including criminology and criminal justice.

Alexander Blayney-Crewe
Marketing & PR

Alexander has recently graduated from UCL, where he read History with a particular focus on the relationship between art and politics in a global historical context. Alexander has worked to spread the word about TFA and its mission through press coverage, social media and TFA's blog during his time as Marketing & PR intern.