Get COVID tested before visiting a vulnerable person

In this article, we’ll explain why you should get COVID tested before visiting an elderly or vulnerable person. With the end of shielding last week and a warm sunny weekend ahead, many families across the UK will be considering visiting elderly or vulnerable relatives this weekend. Although there is much to be excited about when reuniting with family, it is important also to be cautious and aware of the risks.

Get COVID tested to relax

So you’ve considered all the options and you’ve planned ahead for your visit. You intend to keep your distance, wear a mask and wash your hands. But, with family and friends, everything can be unpredictable. 

Loss of hearing amongst elderly relatives might mean that speaking from behind a mask and at a distance soon becomes impossible. Bringing excitable children can also mean that distancing and hand-washing go out the window. You also need to consider where you will use the bathroom, and what you will eat and drink without going inside the house. 

Whilst on paper, a COVID secure visit might seem possible, when so much is at stake, you could have a more relaxed and safe time by booking a test and finding out for sure if you’re COVID-clear. 

Get COVID tested to know for sure

Although you may think it is safe to visit an elderly or vulnerable person if you do not have any signs or symptoms of COVID, symptoms are not a sure way of telling if you have coronavirus or not. 

In fact, scientists have estimated that around four out of five people infected with coronavirus show no symptoms at all, and many more will only show mild or unnoticeable symptoms. This means that you may be carrying COVID-19 asymptomatically. Visiting a vulnerable relative whilst carrying COVID-19 could lead to them developing severe symptoms, even though you were fine. The only way to know if you currently have COVID is by getting tested.

The best way to safely visit an elderly or otherwise vulnerable person is to consider and plan carefully and get COVID tested ahead of your visit.