Why consider getting your employees COVID tested?

With shops, salons, restaurants and pubs gradually re-opening across the UK many employers are considering getting employees COVID tested – either for the live virus or for antibodies – as part of their return to work planning.

However, many employers are stopping short of taking this step because of two reasons: the first reason is uncertainty about whether they really need to test employees. 

Do I need to test my employees?

Whilst testing employees either for antigens or antibodies before bringing them back to work is not a legal requirement it can form a useful part of a comprehensive back to work strategy. 

Providing proof to customers that your staff are regularly checked for the live virus, can provide a valuable USP for your business and capture the most COVID-wary segments of the market. Ocado, for instance, has been testing its employees for the live virus in order to reassure its clientele that their home deliveries are COVID-secure. 

Even though levels of immunity conferred by antibodies are uncertain, getting staff tested for antibodies can also aid with back to work planning by providing reassurance. A reluctant, or perhaps more vulnerable, staff member, if they found out they’d already been exposed,  might feel sufficiently reassured to return to the workplace. 

Won’t it be too expensive?

The second reason many employers are uncertain about whether they should get their employees’ tested is the cost – but it might be more cost effective than you think to get COVID-secure. 

Testing For All is a non-profit aiming to bring affordable COVID tests to the UK workforce. As such, we offer on-site antibody and antigen testing performed by medical professionals at cost price.

To take the first steps to making your business COVID-secure today, please register your interest as an SME or as a larger enterprise.