Study Title

An observational study assessing the presence and level of IgG antibody response to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 generated by natural infection and following vaccination

Background Information

Testing For All offers affordable and accessible testing, and enables an individual to access highly accurate laboratory based testing to better understand their unique health and risk status.

After an individual has tested with us we invite users to this observational study to provide further information. This provides context to the results, and lets an individual see if their immune response is typical. It is known that vaccines do fail for various reasons, including issues with manufacture, transport and storage; but also how the individual’s body responds

What does taking part involve?

Participants will be required to answer a series of questions in an online form

What are the benefits of taking part?

By taking part you will contribute to one of the most advanced observational studies for quantitative IgG response, and hence better inform your own situation and the community of people that choose to test with Testing For All. It is also hoped that this body of data will further inform public policy

What are the risks of taking part?

The risks of taking part are low as the primary risk is confidentiality related to sharing your data with Testing For All. Testing For All handles data in accordance with our Privacy Notice, however this observational study has specific risk that you should be aware of:

  • The survey is sent to you linked to the sample ID and date of your test with us
  • At the end of the survey period your data is downloaded in an encrypted format from our survey tool and joined to your test result data. At this point in time your response is not fully anonymous as we know which sample we sent to a specific individual
  • Once your response is joined to your test result, the survey data is deleted, and the resulting dataset is fully anonymised before we process it
  • The anonymised data is used to update the “understanding your result” article on our website

We use high quality systems to store and process your survey data, and the risk of a data breach that overcomes the data privacy techniques we use to protect your data is very low

Version No: TFA/PIS/AB/1.0